The New Gmail Features are F***ing Amazing!

As some of us might know, Gmail is rolling out some amazing features which is making the platform so lit.

Features Like:

 Self destructive emails: You can send a mail to a friend and set a time limit after which the mail will automatically delete. The user can not forward nor download the content for the mail, only view mode activated.



Accessing Mail attachment without reading mail: For some people that track you if you open their mail or not, with the new Gmail feature, you can actually view an attachment in an email without opening the email


Snoozing Your email to further date: If you are not in the mood to respond to an email and you would love to be reminded of the email, you can snooze it so that at a later date Gmail can remind you.



Google Keep, Calender and Task (New Google App for remembering your tasks): The new Gmail has integrated Google Keep, Google Calender and Google task all oat the side bar to ease access and work




💥Also the new User interface is so pretty and lovely, you should try it out and see for yourself.

Watch the video and share your thoughts on the new features.

Author: Calveen

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